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A prime consideration in all 3SixtyLink developments is 'fitness for purpose'.

We always ask "Does the product function to its highest possible level of efficiency, as well as fit the bill visually and ergonomically?"

Whether for industrial or domestic use, the process is always the same. In the early stages we ask and consider the following key questions: 

  • What are the likely tooling costs?

  • Will it be easy to assemble?

  • Is the product designed to be robust?

  • Will it maintain its quality?

  • Will it withstand consumer abuse?

  • Is the product safe?

  • Can we maximise the products performance?

  • What are the best materials to use?

  • What environmental impact will the product have?

  • Can consumables and spare parts be easily fitted?

  • Does the product meet the required price parameters?

Starting with initial concept sketches, we work closely with our customers through each of the detailed design phases.  In this way our clients get the best end result, one which they have been involved with at each stage of the design process.

Once a design concept has been established, we create 2D and 3D CAD renderings and solid models where required.

After fine tuning the product design, complete CAD drawings are then used to produce precision tooling to the exact specification required for each product.

Let us help make your ideas a reality!

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